3-(on-full).pngMy name is Eli Davis I was born in Burton, Michigan and soon after moved to Fenton, Michigan. I am currently in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area and have been since 2011. After earning my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology from Eastern Michigan University on April 26, 2015 my main goal is to find the career that is best suited for me. Computers have been an area of interest for me throughout my life and will continue to be my greatest fascination. Read my Full Bio for more background info about me. Also Hiring employers can navigate to For Employers and Projects for other and demonstrations of my work.

Career Interests

The career path I've chosen is one that combines both hardware and software. I have always been interested in both aspects of computing and have spent the majority of my life studying both sides of computers in general. There are a few areas I know I would excel in. One would be implementing hardware that the software can be optimized. And of course also the other way around writing software that runs optimally on the hardware it is written for. This is something that is sometimes skipped over but always something manufactures, software developers, hardware developers, engineers, and system administrators can always improve on and . This makes the work just that much more challenging, enticing, and fun; you can always do better.

Academic Interests

I have a desire to one day return to academia with the goal of earning a Master of Business Administration. My never ending thirst for knowledge combined with an entrepreneurial spirit would help me act on my ideas. Currently, a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering Technology from Eastern Michigan will follow a career provided by the skills I have learned.

Personal Interests

I am personally interested in a slew of hobbies and interests that won't seem to get any smaller. They include but are not limited to: electronics projects, 3D Printing, playing guitar, poetry, zentangle, woodworking, web applications, reading, and nature documentaries. Most of my free time is spent coding, designing 3D objects to print, strumming my guitar, and messing with arduino and raspberry pi projects.

Full Bio

See my Full Bio for more background information