Workstation and Light Gaming (completed)

My own custom computer finally realized

After years of using a 2010 Windows 7 Laptop I finally had the funds and reason to upgrade my computer. I was using my laptop pretty much as a desktop and was really starting to feel how dated of a machine it is. My HP G72 was not lacking in performance but a couple features that now come standard I was really missing out on. Specifically they were USB 3.0, SATA III, Gigabit Eternet, Quad Core CPU, and having dual HD displays.


ncase box

Mostly what I intend for this machine is my main use PC. the main uses will be medium to heavy use web browsing, some photo editing, some software/web development, and light gaming. I also have a requirement that my machine doesn't take up much room on my desk. Also it must run relatively silent because it will be on my desk. I also wanted to do this at the same time as the Windows 10 Upgrade as I had a copy of windows 8 available for this build. I will be running Windows 10 on the machine.

Parts List

parts used

I went all out while still keeping the price as low as I could. I already had the SSD and HDD for this build. My build features the NCASE M1.

Here are the parts I used for my build thanks to PCPartPicker:

Total: $1408.39

It is Important to note that the Ncase M1 v3 took several weeks to arrive and was a bit of a pain. because I had to pick it up at the post office.

Parts Explanation

insideI once again choose the PC case before anything. Seems to be the most important with these mITX builds. The Ncase M1 v3 allows for complete customization and a tiny form factor case with no sacrifices in performance. A solid brushed aluminum inside and out gives it a great look.

What sets my build a bit apart from the most common builds is I opted for a Xeon CPU rather than the i5 it would be equivalent to. I did not want to worry about overclocking. I wanted to keep the build as simple as possible: air-cooled, stock overclock, solid airflow, and little noise.


Another difference between my build and the most common builds is I used a Nvidia GTX 960 FTW instead of the 970 or 980. I was just not ready to drop 350-700 dollars on something I wont get great benefit from. I only play a couple of games and some emulated games. Plus I can always upgrade in the next 1-2 years if I feel it is necessary. So far I haven't had any buyers remorse.

completedI choose all Noctua Fans and a Noctua CPU cooler I am extremely happy with how they look and the air flow they supply. The inside of the caseseems to have nice airflow. I have one intake on the side which blows towards the CPU/power supply, the cpu fan which blows towards the outtake fan at the rear as the crude diagram shows.


The Ncase really makes this build special. I would recommend the case to anyone looking for a versatile mITX case, It is without a doubt the best of the best. Performance wise I have not had hit anything that has made my PC stumble yet. It is a mega step up from a 2010 laptop and adds all the feature I have been missing the past 5 years. I have not known the joys of having a discrete graphics card until now and it is very nice to take advantage of that.