Developer's Journal

The reason HDHR DVR Video Process was created and how it got to where it is

I started this program immediately after I installed the HDhomerun DVR program on my linux computer. What I wanted to accomplish is added DVR functionality to my TV tuner as well as library functionality for the shows. The best of both worlds. The library acts as the recorded programs folder in my case because I use a helper program called sickbeard that flawlessly libraries incoming TV Shows. It could also be used if you just wanted get smaller TV show files.

First a little backstory on what inspired this software. For a couple years ever since I started using a TV tuner and it’s joys I have desired a simple solution for recording shows without using Windows 7. This has been nearly impossible for the last decade unless you are willing to sacrifice basic functionality. If you are recording TV OTA or Cable your easiest option is Windows Media Center (WMC) and MCE Buddy. WMC is super user friendly allowing the user to add new recordings from a windows 7 PC and record to only that same Windows 7 PC

Enter HDHomeRun DVR. On 4/20/2015 to 5/20/2015 SilliconDust started and successfully backed the HDHomerun DVR project. On 12/21/2015 I was able to download the DVR software. For those who don’t know the DVR functionality allows for each TV tuner hardware they have released (Prime, Connect, and Extend) to record TV shows. In order to use the DVR function an always on computer is required. I use a Ubuntu 14.4 Server edition computer with a 5 TB hard drive. The software released by SiliconDust has 3 parts, Setup/Config, View, and DVR. Setup and Config work together to scan the channels and initially set up the TV tuner. The View app allows you to watch the channels, and the DVR allows recording TV programs. This gives you very similar functionality to WMC using the View app to add and drop programs.

My script takes HDHomeRun DVR a bit further trying to get as close to release quality videos as quickly as possible. I built the script so it only has to be run once and can be preserved for as long as the user decides, archived indefinitely or deleted immediately after watching. I use sickbeard to organize my TV library and use both Plex and Kodi to playback each show. Right now each hour long recording takes about 50 minutes to process letting the user watch a show about an hour after it records. A half hour recording takes about 25 minutes to process giving the user a half hour after airing to access. Of course a faster PC will trans-code faster reducing those times.