Developer's Journal

The reason imgViewON was created and how it got to where it is

I was sick of using programs that took over 5 seconds to open up a single picture. I also was sick of using picture viewers that had too many options and buttons that detract from the picture itself. Nothing on the market seemed to fill this void so I built something that does. All I wanted when I click an image file is for the photo to pop up on the screen with no border, no program options, and no windows within the program. Just the picture itself nothing else.

I also have used a program in the past with similar functionality that had an added function of closing when you right clicked on the picture. I really enjoyed this and incorporated it into my program.

I decided to develop in nw.js as I was already quite familiar in HTML and JavaScript. It was a graceful learning curve as a lot of problems have been solved on the web previously. This made it really simple to add functionality to my program.

Nw.js is basically a browser window that has all the power of node but none of the restrictions of a typical browser.

One thing I found out however is that the ease to program comes at a price. In my case it is most notably in speed and memory usage. If I were to build a C# program with the same functionality it would almost certainly use less memory while running. This is because nw.js uses chromium with the added features of node.js. This gives you a lot of playing field and the ability to develop simultaneously on the three current main platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux). As I said however this it is slower and this is because in order to run nw.js programs you need the nw.js executable files.