Use documentation for imgViewON

For now, imgViewON is strictly windows only. It should run on XP and up to windows 10 although I have only tested it on windows 10 and 7.


To install simply extract the zip file into a directory and tell windows to default to the types of images you would like imgViewON to open.


When an image is opened using imgViewON you will see the opened image on the screen you can then use the whole image to manipulate the image window. It will always scale using the original aspect ratio. Smaller images will scale larger than they actually are for better visibility. Very large images will scale down depending on the screen size you are viewing on again for better visibility.

The below diagram shows the sections of the image you can use to change the size and location of the image.


Moving Window: moving the image window is done by clicking and dragging the top and left sides of the image.

Resizing Left and Right: Clicking and dragging on the right side of the image will resize right and left.

Resizing Up and Down: Clicking and dragging the bottom of the image will resize up and down.

Resizing Diagonally: clicking and dragging the bottom right corner will resize diagonally.

Closing Window: My personal favorite part. Closing is done by right clicking anywhere in the center of the window.

Supported Files

Supported image file extensions are:

  • gif
  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • jpe
  • jif
  • jfi
  • jfif
  • webp
  • bmp
  • svg
  • svgz
  • png