A Lamp made completely from Legos. Well not the Bulb but everything else.

lamp in actionThis Lego lamp was based off one of those do it yourself lamp kits. The base goes up in a pyramid type shape until it gets to the shaft and straightens out for a while and gets slightly bigger to accommodate the bulb itself. the cord goes straight through the hollow inside of the base and is hot glued out of an opening of bricks on the bottom. It originally had a platform that 2 figurines were battling on. I have retained and improved on that platform.

lamp under constructionThis was actually a gift to me so I can’t take all the credit but I have updated it enough to call it one of my projects. When I was given the lamp as christmas gift it was in a box wrapped up and when I took it out of the box it was practically falling apart. The top was leaning, the bulb part did not sit straight, and the shaft kept coming apart. I repaired it but really it needed a slight rebuild especially at the top, a lot of flimsily put together pieces that had very little structure. The bottom part was built solid enough to not have to mess with.

updated lamp sceneAfter some construction, it does not fall apart constantly and the bulb does not lean anymore, it now sits straight and upright. I did this by building around the light fixture just enough so it stays in place. It makes the cord inside have no slack which forces the fixture to stay up.