Platform Base

A base and build platform I built for my niece so she could keep the pieces together.

I made this as a Christmas gift for my at the time 3 year old niece. She was a little too young for Legos but I wanted to get her some anyway and be first to introduce her to Legos. Yes I wanted to be that uncle. I got the Friends Lego set that had a beach scene and the bigger type Lego figures. Which would have been a great gift on its own.

my niece and brother playing with the set and platformBut my real gift was more sentimental that I made for my niece. Over the many years of playing with Legos I gained a lot of building platforms. One in particular was an entire table meant for building on. The table was long lost but the large red building platform that was detachable survived. I had a lot of memories of building on that platform and I knew that I wanted my niece to have the same type of memories. I wanted her to be able to build on it without the risk of losing pieces on the ground. My Idea was to build a wooden base around the platform. I bought some 1 by 2 and cut 4 pieces for each side and also some fiberboard for underneath the platform. I then cut the corners out of one of each of the sides so the platform would fit in perfectly. once I had the boards cut correctly and everything fit together properly I glued it all in place. Once the glue dried I used a nail gun to pound it all in place. It turned out to work pretty well, the Lego build platform stays within the base I built.